Online Community Tournament #3


Looking for some tournament experience? Looking for an awesome time online with new and old gaming friends? We welcome you to participate in the Guilty Gear Sweden Online Community Tournament #3!

This tournament is a netplay tournament for players that reside in Sweden. It is hosted in the spirit of good fun and sportsmanship, and aims to aid in building an inclusive, fair and competitive Guilty Gear-scene in Sweden.

New for this tournament is that we have prizes! These will be announced on stream, one for the winner, and one raffled out to one of participants (that is in stream chat by the end of the tournament)! The more players that enter the tournament, the cooler the prizes! However, we can already now announce that the winner will get a picture drawn of their character (with their color and pose of choice) by Yuyu! For examples of Yuyu’s work, check out this picture:


This tournament will take place on Tuesday the 14th of March, starting at 19:00 sharp.


It will be streamed at Guilty Gear Sweden


Who can participate?

  • For this first tournament, only players that reside in Sweden can participate. (Might change in future iterations.)
  • You must also have Discord installed, and have joined the Guilty Gear Sweden-channel. Click on the Discord logo below!


How do I participate?

Tournament registration is a very simple process. You just private message Shinjin (shinjinbaiken) on Discord (at latest 12:00 on the 14th of March) and tell him:

  • That you would like to attend, and;
  • If you might arrive a bit late (see rules)

Next, make sure that you read the rules.

Make sure to be online on PSN and on Discord, preferably at around 18:30 (see rules).

Where can I watch it?

You can watch the tournament at Guilty Gear Sweden

Which matches are streamed?

The staff will do its best to give a broad group of players there time in the spot light. Thus, focus throughout the tournament will not be put on what might be perceived as the best players. The aim is always to stream top 4 in its entirety.


When does it start, and what happens if I am late?

We gather at #turneringar on the Guilty Gear Sweden Discord!

The matches start at 19:00. For those that might arrive late, let the staff know beforehand (!) so that we can – to the extent possible – postpone your matches.

However, as we are on a tight schedule, you will get disqualified if you end up being too late (or if you don’t respnd on time), which differs depending on the number of attendees.

What are the rules for the GG-tournament?

The rules inside the game:

  • Console: PS3 and PS4
  • Double-elimination bracket (not seeded).
  • Best of three rounds, best of three matches throughout the entire tournament.
  • 99 seconds time.
  • All characters allowed, character switch allowed between matches. Players have the right to demand blind picks before matches start (by PMing staff).
  • Stage select: If possible, please choose Japan’s stage (the big open and empty stage) as it causes the least lag. There will be no penalty for this yet as is difficult to administer, but please abide to this rule. JUST DON’T PICK RANDOM OR AXL’s STAGE GOD DAMN IT! 😉
  • Winner of game reports results to “shinjinbaiken”, please report results AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  • Dice roll for player side (if players think that it matters, higher number gets to choose).
  • If a disconnect occurs mid-game, restart with the round count as when the disconnect occurred (via IK). Due to time constraints no additional rules are applied (burst meter etc.)
  • Players will be disqualified (DQ) if they do not respond to their matches being called in Discord due to time constraints. So be on time :)

The rules outside the game, general code of conduct (Swedish):

  • Spelare ska aldrig:
    • Uttrycka sig kränkande kring andra spelare eller deras insatser i spelet. Såväl med- och motspelare.
    • Använda språk, nickname eller annat som kränker någon spelares kön, könsidentitet, ursprung, funktionsvariation, sexuella läggning eller ålder.
    • Använda språk, utföra handlingar eller annat som syftar på sexuellt våld eller övrigt våld.
    • Agera hotfullt eller våldsamt.
  • tl:dr/A.K.A. stay calm and don’t be a dick.

Violations of this general code of conduct will result in the player being banned from future Guilty Gear Sweden events.

Who is “staff” and “crew”?

At the moment it is:

Shinjin (shinjinbaiken)

But the list is to be expanded.

List of participants (thus far)






Team League Round #12 & #13

(Match #20) Start 19:15, 3rd of February 

Start 19:00, Friday the 3rd of February.

Streamed at by Shinjin

King-Sized Bed: Caruzon(be), Martin(ky), Snailborn(ky)
Länge Leve Patchen: Neophos(si), Oscar(ra), Baszoo(in)

First game:
1P: Caruzon(be)
2P: Neophos(si)

(Match #21) Start 16:00, 4th of February

Start 16:00, Saturday the 4th of February.

Streamed at by Shinjin

Footsies?!: Shinjin(di), Sharizord(le), Zake(jo)
Länge Leve Patchen: Neophos(si), Oscar(ra), Baszoo(in)

First game:
1P: Shinjin(di)
2P: Neophos(si)

(Prize announcement)

Based on a survey out to respondents, the following price system will be applied:

3000 SEK to the winning team

3500 SEK divided between some costs for champion jerseys, team league pins (and maybe something more) for all attendees, and for other GG Sweden-initiatives.


When @nage_pink’s spirit broke and how he bounced back (translated blog post)

Translation by: @shinjinbaiken

>> Introduction

Five years ago, there was a period when my spirit was completely broken. It was between June 2010 and September 2011, a period of one year and a little bit more, when I continued to play Guilty Gear despite I was withering away.

For people that have just gotten to know me, they are often surprised when they hear this, and ask as if they were surprised that there ever was such a period. Yes, I was truly cracking up. During this period, I think that I was a causing a lot of inconvenience for my friends…

I have previously written about “If you want to play Guilty Gear you should because you like playing it!”, and this post is kind of the story of why I came to that conclusion.

The story follows this disposition:

• The sequence of events when my spirit broke
• That which followed
• Why it happened
• How I bounced back
• Current status

>> The sequence of events when my spirit broke

At that time, I was attending an event called Tougeki’10, and my goal was to take the national championship title. The format of Tougeki’10 was based around local qualifiers into regionals, and if you win the regionals you get a spot at the main tournament. So you had to win in the regionals to have a chance at the championship title.

I managed to qualify to the main tournament, but there were so many players that were better than me, and I was not managing to achieve a good win rate at all. I was very stressed over the fact that our team could not win with me being at this level, and that I could not catch up to the level of my team mates Ina (Millia) and Mitsurugi (Zappa). Both of my team mates were very strong, and Mitsurugi in particular was so absurdly strong that I wanted to not let our team be referred to as “the Mitsurugi team”.

However, I could not show good results at the local Mikado tournaments, and I could not even win against the players I wanted to win against in casuals. Furthermore, I was losing to other players’ alternative characters, and I could not understand the reason to why I was losing.

This was all piling up and ultimately leading to my spirit being broken.

>> That which followed

The effects of my spirit being broken can be divided into four aspects:

• The game was not fun at all.
• If I won I did not get any boost in self-confidence. Only losses remained in my mind.
• I could not remember the reasons to why I won or why I lost.
• I could not take in any advice from my friends.

I think the first point originated from the reason to which I played: to take home the national championship. I faced a dilemma where the main tournament was closing in so quickly, and I was also driven by a desire to do my best for my team mates. For the second point, I got stuck thinking that my victories were “because of luck”, and my losses were “because I sucked”.
As for the final two points… now these two were the really big problems. I had completely stopped thinking. Even if I won, I had no idea why my choices were working in my favor. I was playing by habits, had no self-confidence, incapable of understanding why I won or lost, and on top of that I was not even enjoying it… actually to the point that just writing this makes me want to think of going on a one week vacation to Okinawa to see the ocean. It was truly a loop of breaking down, recover for a bit, to then just break down again…

In that state, I attended Tougeki’10, an event with a fixed interval of qualifiers, consequently not showing any good results, and constantly returning to my broken state… and it continued for almost an entire year. Losing all my matches for events across several days, and even changing my character for a couple of months (from AC Faust to AC Testament)…

>> Why my spirit was broken – the first reason

Thinking back, I think I had set an unreasonable goal for myself.

At that time, I was thinking to myself that I would not lose to anyone. I should safely win close to 100% against everyone, and take home national championship. It’s good to have dreams, but these were truly unattainable when I was continuously facing strong players that would adapt to my play style.

I was not thinking at all about my current level, how I can show good results, what process is necessary to achieve those results, and what I should prioritize in order to meet those results. It was all about the sole and unmeasurable goal of “improving my win rate”.

I do not think I was particularly good at setting goals back then. If I think back, there probably were many matches that I was actually winning, but I did not acknowledge the times when I was because of my unreasonable goal.

>> Why my spirit was broken – the second reason

The uncertainty of not knowing if I would be able to show good results made me afraid to the point that I stopped thinking.

I cannot win at all! The loss is not because of anyone else but me! I do not know if I can improve and start winning… I do not know when I will improve… Maybe I am incapable of winning? If that is the case, wouldn’t it be easier to just stop trying to find an answer, or trying to understand my own weaknesses? I think that I might have been having these thoughts at that time.

I had no self-confidence, and I could not realize why I was winning or losing, nor could I take in the advice from other players. I think I could not actually process the advice I was getting because of the way I was thinking.

>> How I bounced back

I bounced back by looking at the matches of a player that was using the same character, who was winning with a play style very different from my own. By doing so, I realized something that opened my eyes.

I have talked about this on stream, but bouncing back started with me watching RF play Faust. I have not been doing that which he does, and what happens if I try doing that? I was curious. Trying this out of course did not lead to my win rate increasing immediately, but it drastically changed how my matches looked, and how I looked at my matches.

I am not sure how to phrase this, but it was like that when I was uncertain of what to do, I quickly jumped to the conclusion that I should just go with the options that I believed in. By thinking and thinking, I had gotten stuck in a spiral where even if my choices backfired, I just kept thinking that it was such a big thing, and if I just try it again it would most certainly work the next time.

Dragging with you all of the various losses you experience throughout a game with you can negatively influence the flow of your matches. At this time, I started to strongly believe in thinking about the reasons why you lost after the match, and focusing on winning as a whole while playing.

Also, I started having confidence in that my choices will in fact work out for me. Originally I was mainly concerned with how to safely attain a good win rate, and without going that far, I continued to use moves that I viewed as safe options, together with an arrangement of bigger choices to be used in the heat of battle. Or, that was a way of thinking that started approaching.

Opening my eyes to the fact that such simple things can change the flow of the game in such a big game made me curious to try even more things out – ultimately leading me to enjoying the game again.

And so then ACPR came, and eventually also Xrd. The series transitioned, and my win rates started improving. Of course, Faust receiving changes (becoming stronger) of course mattered, but I sincerely believe that I improved as a player throughout this process.

>> What about now?

Even today the losses pile up, and I become down at times. But even at the worst times, I’m just down a couple of days, and now I can more easily shift back into a mode where I look into exploring new things.

I also think that completely losing one’s ability to break down and become weak is also not good. When it happens, it always leads to me think that I want to become strong, and so now I try to keep the feeling of frustration, ignoring the more emotional part, and immediately shift gears into thinking about what I need to do in order to become stronger. I’m trying to focus on letting the feeling of taking a loss be as passing as possible.

When I’m not calm about it, I take a temporary pause, and only start thinking about the game when I am calm again. At these times, I read manga, go to the convenience store, listen to music etc.

I also try to focus on that “I play this game because I like to”, and to “experience development by testing if I can solve problems with my own solutions”.

“I play this game because I like to”… I think this is extremely hard actually. Because I am so serious about the game, I think it leaves little emotional room for such thoughts. I try to find new choices and options “because I like to”, but I also enter tournaments and try to get good results “because I like to” (= I want to win)… If I didn´t like it, I would not have been continuing playing this game for so long, and when that premise starts to become blurred, everything else associated with it becomes blurred as well.

“Experience development by testing if I can solve problems with my own solutions”… For specific situations, I now try to keep in mind that I should try out a certain choice, and instead of the win rate focus on what happens with that specific option.

So I managed to improve from having an unreasonable goal.

Translation by: @shinjinbaiken



Team League Round #10

Round #10

Start 18:15, Tuesday the 22nd of November.

Streamed at by Sockerpappa

(Match #16) Start 18:15

Jerrys vän & 2 noobs: Gerran(ve), snyggjerry(be), Triumphant(fa)
You Turn me K-On!: Saikyun(fa), Chepul(po), Fogelstrom(sl)

First game:
1P: Triumphant(fa)
2P: Saikyun(fa)

(Match #17) Start asap

Team Riktig Family: Sockerpappa(si), DaddyLeeroy(ch), RiktigNinja(so)
King-Sized Bed: Caruzon(be), Snailborn(ky), Martin(ky)

First game:
1P: Sockerpappa(si)
2P: Caruzon(be)

(Match #18) Start asap

Team Riktig Family: Sockerpappa(in), DaddyLeeroy(ch), RiktigNinja(so)
Jerrys vän & 2 noobs: Gerran(ve), snyggjerry(be), Triumphant(fa)

First game:
1P: Sockerpappa(in)
2P: Triumphant(fa)


Team League Round #8

Round #8

Start 18:15, Tuesday the 8th of November.

Streamed at by Shinjin & Sockerpappa

(Match #13) Start 18:20

King-Sized Bed: Caruzon(be), Snailborn(ky), Martin(ky)
Footsies?!: Shinjin(zt), Zake(jo), Sharizord(le)

First game:
1P: Martin(ky)
2P: Sharizord(le)

(Match #14) Start 19:15

Team Riktig Family: Sockerpappa(in), DaddyLeeroy(ch), RiktigNinja(so)
Länge Leve Patchen: Neophos(si), Oscar(ra), Baszoo(in)

First game:
1P: Sockerpappa(in)
2P: Neophos(si)


Team League Round#6

Round #6

Start 12:15, Sunday the 23rd of October.

Streamed at by @shinjinbaiken

(Match #10) Start 12:15

Team Riktig Family: RiktigNinja(so), DaddyLeeroy(ch) & Sockerpappa(si)
Kapten Kygoy & The Poigoys: ReturnsVoid(mi), Koas(ja) & Kygoy(el)

First game:
1P: Sockerpappa(si)
2P: Koas(ja)

(Match #11) Start 14:00

Kapten Kygoy & The Poigoys: ReturnsVoid(mi), Koas(ja) & Kygoy(el)
Scrublords: Radune(le), Halle(so), eTholon(ax)

First game:
1P: Koas(ja)
2P: Halle(so)