Team League Round#4

Round #4

Start 14:00, Saturday the 1st of October.

Streamed at

Stream producer: Sockerpappa

(Match #7)

Scrublords: Radune(le), eTholon(ax), Halle(so)
Länge Leve Patchen: Neophos(si), Baszoo(in), Oscar(ra)

First game:
1P: Halle(so)
2P: Neophos(si)

(Match #8)

You Turn me K-On!: Saikyun(so), Chepul(po), DonkeyKnifer(di)
Scrublords: Radune(le), eTholon(ax), Halle(so)

First game:
1P: DonkeyKnifer(di)
2P: Halle(so)


Team League Round #1


Round #1

Start 14:00, Saturday the 10th of September.

Streamed at

(Match #1)
Team Riktig Family: RiktigNinja(so), DaddyLeeroy(ch), Sockerpappa(in)
Scrublords: Radune(le), Etholon(ax), Halle(mi)

First game:
1P: Sockerpappa(in)
2P: Halle(mi)

(Match #2)
Team Riktig Family: RiktigNinja(so), DaddyLeeroy(ch), Sockerpappa(in)
Footsies?!: Shinjin(zt), Zake(jo), Sharizord(le)

First game:
1P: Sockerpappa(in)
2P: Sharizord(le)

(Match #3)
King Sized Bed: Caruzon(be), Snailborn(ky), Martin(ky)
Jerrys vän och 2 noobs: Gerran(ve), snyggjerry(be), Triumphant(rv)

First game:
1P: Caruzon(be)
2P: Triumphant(rv)

(Match #4)
Jerrys vän och 2 noobs: Gerran(ve), snyggjerry(ve), Triumphant(rv)
Scrublords: Radune(le), Etholon(ax), Halle(mi)

First game:
1P: Triumphant(rv)
2P: Halle(mi)


#1 Jerrys vän och 2 noobs vs Scrublords(160910)

#2 Team Riktig Family vs Footsies?! (160910)

#3 King Sized Bed vs Jerrys vän och 2 noobs (160910)

#4 Jerrys vän och 2 noobs vs Scrublords(160910)


Guilty Gear Sweden Holiday Season Online Tournament


Holiday Season is here! Want to enjoy some extra heated Guilty Gear Xrd action, either as a player or a spectator? Perhaps you are hungry for some of that “tournament experience”, but cannot afford to travel? We have the solution for you! Guilty Gear Sweden HOLIDAY SEASON Online Tournament!

This tournament is a netplay tournament for players that reside in Sweden. It is hosted in the spirit of good fun and sportsmanship, and aims to aid in building an inclusive, fair and competitive Guilty Gear-scene in Sweden.

The first GGSO will take place on Saturday the 10th of December, starting at 19:00 sharp.


It will be streamed at Guilty Gear Sweden


See brackets by checking out this link.

Who can participate?

  • For this first tournament, only players that reside in Sweden can participate. (Might change in future iterations.)
  • You must also have Discord installed, and have joined the Guilty Gear Sweden-channel. Click on the Discord logo below!


How do I participate?

It is simple; just private message Shinjin on Discord (at latest 16:00 on the 10th of December) and tell him:

  • That you would like to attend, and;
  • If you might arrive late (see rules)

Then you make sure to be online on PSN and on Discord, preferably at around 18:30 (see rules).

Where can I watch it?

You can watch the GGSO at Guilty Gear Sweden

Which matches are streamed?

The staff will do its best to give a broad group of players there time in the spot light. Thus, focus throughout the tournament will not be put on what might be perceived as the best players. The aim is always to stream top 3 in its entirety.



There is some polish remaining to be done on the rules. Any major updates will be highlighted and reported in official threads moving forward.

When does it start, and what happens if I am late?

We gather at #turneringar on the Guilty Gear Sweden Discord!

The matches start at 19:00. For those that might arrive late, let the staff know beforehand (!) so that we can – to the extent possible – postpone your matches.

However, as we are on a tight schedule, you will get disqualified if you end up being too late (or if you don’t respnd on time), which differs depending on the number of attendees.

What are the rules for the tournament?

The rules inside the game:

  • Console: PS3 and PS4
  • Double-elimination bracket (not seeded).
  • Best of three rounds, best of three matches throughout the entire tournament.
  • 99 seconds time.
  • All characters allowed, character switch allowed between matches. Players have the right to demand blind picks before matches start (by PMing staff).
  • Stage select: If possible, please choose Japan’s stage (the big open and empty stage) as it causes the least lag. There will be no penalty for this yet as is difficult to administer, but please abide to this rule. JUST DON’T PICK RANDOM OR AXL’s STAGE GOD DAMN IT! 😉
  • Winner of game reports results to admins – but please report results AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  • Dice roll for player side (if players think that it matters).
  • If a disconnect occurs mid-game, restart with the round count as when the disconnect occurred (via IK). Due to time constraints no additional rules are applied (burst meter etc.)
  • Players will be disqualified (DQ) if they do not respond to their matches being called in Discord due to time constraints. So be on time :)

The rules outside the game, general code of conduct (Swedish):

  • Spelare ska aldrig:
    • Uttrycka sig kränkande kring andra spelare eller deras insatser i spelet. Såväl med- och motspelare.
    • Använda språk, nickname eller annat som kränker någon spelares kön, könsidentitet, ursprung, funktionsvariation, sexuella läggning eller ålder.
    • Använda språk, utföra handlingar eller annat som syftar på sexuellt våld eller övrigt våld.
    • Agera hotfullt eller våldsamt.
  • tl:dr/A.K.A. stay calm and don’t be a dick.

Violations of this general code of conduct will result in the player being banned from future Guilty Gear Sweden events.

Who is “staff” and “crew”?

At the moment it is:


But the list is to be expanded.

Might the tournament be cancelled if there is not enough participants?

Yes. It will only happen if we have 8 or more players. So get your friends involved! :)

List of participants (thus far)



Round Robin Rumble 2


rrr-workWhat: Five player round robin (online)
Who: Four players from Sweden and one player from Norway
When: 19 – 22 (CET) on Thursday, January 14th
Where: inputlag (produced by Fogelstrom)
Commentators: Shinjin & Baszoo (hopefully)

We’re back! After a successful first attempt we have decided to host yet another Round Robin Rumble featuring five players that have been engaging with the Swedish Guilty Gear-community. For this rumble, we took a decision to not have any returning players from the first iteration and the Sweden-Finland exhibition conducted in collaboration with Efute and Ruu in Japan.

However, behind the production is the same crew as before. Pulling the strings and doing commentary is Shinjin, producing the stream is Fogelstrom, and, hopefully, Baszoo will be able to drop in and do commentary as well!

When will this throw down take place you might be asking yourself? Well, it is going to happen on the 14th of January, starting 19:00 at

Heaven or Hell? Let’s Rock (on the 14th of January)!

Check out the VODs here:



The car crash-story of 2006

This post is the first in a series of nostalgia posts. This piece was written by Rem (Eskilstuna) back in 2006. In essence, it is the story of a Guilty Gear road trip back in the dark ages feat. Rem, ShootingROCCAT, Xzi, Caer, and Shinjin. However, it proved to be more than what they had planned for.




Round Robin Rumble

What: Five player round robin (online)
Who: Five players from Sweden
When: 19 – 22 (CET) on Tuesday, November 3rd
Where: inputlag
Commentators: Shinjin & Baszoo

With the Sweden-Finland exhibition and the epic plays during 10/10 fresh in mind, Shinjin is putting together a new online exhibition with the help of Fogelstrom from inputlag! This time we will host a round robin with five Swedish players, where they engage in FT3 battles with each other. Doing commentary will be a new duo comprised of the old and the new: Shinjin and Baszoo.

Heaven or Hell? Let’s Rock (on the 3rd of November)!

Check out the VODs here:



Blogs & Articles

This space will be dedicated for people interested in writing blog posts or articles about Guilty Gear. Interesting posts in the facebook-group will also be transferred to this page as well. Old material on Bitterharmony will also be revisited and stored to preserve the community’s history.johnny2If you want to make contributions, please contact the admin.

In future, we hope to add a “submit a tip”-function.