Learning Xrd?

This page is dedicated to aspiring players that want to get better at Guilty Gear. We have gathered and produced some of the best material out there.

Page is still work-in-progress.

Guilty Gear Crash Course

Videos. Beginner level.

Novril, in association with his small Chemical Lovers team, recently released the first video in a new series of tutorials designed to help players get into the world of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-. Since this is the first episode, the topics touched upon are ground-level basic, but that’s the point. As the video points out–and as we all know–getting into fighting games as something more than a method of whiling away the hours with random button slapping can be a daunting task.

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Airdash Academy

Videos. Beginner level.

“The series that will teach you how to approach and play airdash centric fighting games.”

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Machaboo on GG-fundamentals!

Text. Intermediate level.

Are you already a seasoned fighting game player? Do you feel like you want learn from the best? Shinjin from Guilty Gear Sweden translated, structured and interpreted Machaboo’s japanese tutorial videos into text form. Read the text in its entirety here:

Swedish version

English version

Nage on regaining motivation!

Text. Intermediate level.

A translated blog post about when @nage_pink’s spirit broke and how he bounced back.

English version