Team League

The Guilty Gear Sweden Team League is an online 3on3 round robin team tournament of 8 teams, played on Wednesdays between September and December 2016.

The winning team takes home: (1) A large part of the 6500 SEK* price pot, (2) nice looking diplomas, and (3) a set of three Guilty Gear-themed team jerseys indicating that they are the champions! All participants that complete the season will also be eligible for a raffle with neat prices!

Each round of play will be streamed on, or on one of our partner streams. Contact the main tournament admin (@shinjinbaiken) if you want to help out with the stream (e.g. hosting a stream).

The tournament will always play the most up-to-date version of Guilty Gear Xrd.

The tournament will have a round robin format, where every team will face off against each other. Each round of play will consist of three team matches. Most wins at the end of the season will take home the tournament! Only team wins and losses are counted. If two or more teams with the same top amount of wins at the end of the team league, a tie-breaker session will be scheduled and played at a later date.

Team matches will be played online and will follow the “Pokémon format”. How it works is, each team picks one teammate to go up and play at a time. The teammate that loses is then knocked out of the team match. The team that lost a match then choses another teammate goes up until a victor emerges. Each team match will only be played once, i.e. first-to-one team match victory.

Matches are played first-to-two rounds, first-to-two games (!).

Each teammate must choose their character before each team match (i.e. character lock), but are also allowed to switch characters between team matches. For example, Teammate 1 of Team A can switch character between their match versus Team B and Team C, but not within their match versus Team B. Teams may have several teammates using the same character in the same team match.

To facilitate this process during team matches, each team is to choose a team captain. It is each team captain’s responsibility to do the following before/during team matches:

  • Report to tournament admins the team lineup (first player out and characters for all players) for team matches one day before each scheduled team match.
  • Report to tournament admins the next player out during each team match as they are played.

Team captains are also expected to be in regular contact with tournament admins to minimize schedule conflicts and players not showing up.

The aim is to schedule three team matches for each round of play. Matches will primarily be played on Wednesdays evening, between 18:00 and 20:00. Scheduling will be a back-and-forth process between tournament admins and team captains.

Each round of play will be scheduled two weeks before it is played. There will be weeks without any scheduled matches, and we don’t mind pushing the season into 2017, but will do our best to keep the team league proceeding as smooth as possible.

In the spirit of community building and competitive play, top players in the scene are encouraged to spread out in separate teams. Thus the following players may not be in the same team: Baszoo, PotMonsterX, Martin, Gerran, and Shinjin.

First, each team must:

  • have three players.
  • have a designated team captain
  • have a name

Second, to be eligible to enter each player must reside in Sweden and not have a horrible connection. If you are playing against Swedish opponents, and they are not complaining about 5 delay and various spikes, you should be OK!

Third, all players must be on the Swedish Guilty Gear Discord.

Finally, contact the main tournament admin (@shinjinbaiken) via PM on Discord to register your team!

Organize quickly so you don’t lose your chance to take part in this unique and awesome opportunity!

Registration deadline: 25th of August 2016

The rules inside the game:

  • Console: PS3 and PS4 (matches will be played on PSN)
  • First-to-two rounds, first-to-two games throughout the entire team league.
  • 99 seconds time.
  • Stage select: If possible, please choose Japan’s stage (the big open and empty stage) as it causes the least lag. There will be no penalty for this yet as is difficult to administer, but please abide to this rule. JUST DON’T PICK RANDOM OR AXL’s STAGE GOD DAMN IT! 😉
  • Tournament admins determines player side (if team think that it matters).
  • If a disconnect occurs mid-game, restart with the round count as when the disconnect occurred (via IK). Due to time constraints no additional rules are applied (burst meter etc.)
  • Players will be disqualified (DQ) if they do not respond to their matches being called in Discord due to time constraints. So be on time.

The rules outside the game, general code of conduct (Swedish):

  • Spelare ska aldrig:
    • Uttrycka sig kränkande kring andra spelare eller deras insatser i spelet. Såväl med- och motspelare.
    • Använda språk, nickname eller annat som kränker någon spelares kön, könsidentitet, ursprung, funktionsvariation, sexuella läggning eller ålder.
    • Använda språk, utföra handlingar eller annat som syftar på sexuellt våld eller övrigt våld.
    • Agera hotfullt eller våldsamt.
  • tl:dr/A.K.A. stay calm and don’t be a dick.

Violations of this general code of conduct will result in the player being banned from future Guilty Gear Sweden event.

All players must be available on Discord, and be on the Guilty Gear Sweden-server. Click on the Discord logo below!


Contact @shinjinbaiken on Discord or on Twitter if you want to help out! This includes streaming, funding and administrative work throughout the Team League. And more! :-)

* If you want to chip in and contribute to the price pot, contact @shinjinbaiken

People that have donated to the prize pot:

  • Shinjin: 1500 SEK
  • Anonymous: 900 SEK
  • snyggjerry: 1000 SEK
  • Crippe: 500 SEK
  • HQ Rubbish: 2100 SEK
  • MajinTenshinhan: 500 SEK

teams8 teams registered out of 8 total slots.

:: Kapten Kygoy & The Poigoys

a. ReturnsVoid (team captain)
b. Koas
c. Kygoy

:: King Sized Bed

a. Caruzon (team captain)
b. Martin
c. SnailBorn

:: Footsies?!

a. Shinjin (team captain)
b. Sharizord
c. Zake

:: Team Riktig Family

a. RiktigNinja (team captain)
b. DaddyLeeroy
c. Sockerpappa

:: You turn me K-On!

a. Saikyun (team captain)
b. Chepul
c. Fogelstrom DonkeyKnifer

:: Scrublords

a. Radune (team captain)
b. hALLE
c. eTholon

:: Jerrys vän och 2 noobs

a. Gerran (team captain)
b. snyggjerry
c. Triumphant

:: Länge Leve Patchen

a. Neophos (team captain)
b. Baszoo
c. Oscar

roundsresults:: Upcoming rounds


:: Past rounds

Round #13: 4th of February, 16:00

Round #12: 3rd of February, 19.00

Round #11: 29th of November, 19:15

Round #10: 22nd of November, 18:15

Round #9: 15th of November, 18:45

Round #8: 8th of November, 18:20

Round #7: 3rd of November, 19:00

Round #6: 23rd of October, 18:15

Round #5: 6th of October, 18:15

Round #4: 1st of October, 14:00

Round #3: 20th of September, 17:30

Round #2: 13th of September, 19:00

Round #1 10th of September, 14:00

Round #11: 29th of November, 19:15

:: Results

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