Videos & Streams

This page includes links to youtube and twitch accounts that includes videos from Guilty Gear Sweden. It also includes combo and hype videos made by members of the community. If you want to add something to this page, contact administration.milliavenom


Guilty Gear Sweden



Guilty Gear Sweden



Combo videos

Shinjin is Champion (ACPR Baiken)

Legend of Kyoto (AC Baiken)

Fusk (Slash Testament & Baiken)

When’s Baiken? Zato combos (XrdR Zato)

Hype videos

Destination Trailers: Gear 1 (AC), Gear 2 (AC), Showdown (AC)

Guilty Gear Sweden Introduction Movie (AC)

Showdown 4 in Stockholm Trailer (AC)

Southern Cross Intro (AC)

Bug videos

The Minus R mode (ACPR)Abusing button macros to get negative edge inputs (ACPR)

FD-cancelling Baiken’s jump dust (ACPR)

Kliff ascends into the sky (ACPR)

Shinjin overhead (ACPR)

Dust Cancel (SLASH)